The NFL and NFL owners have tried to silence Colin Kaepernick and change the narrative of his message about police brutality and racial injustice in America. Kaepernick started this protest when he was with the San Francisco 49ers in 2016 and due to his message, he was shut out of the NFL all 2017 season.  

Colin Kaepernick was recently presented with Sports Illustrated’s, Muhammad Ali Legacy Award on Tuesday night by Beyoncé. Kaepernick embodies the courage and commitment that we strive to follow here at International Status. He also was named “Citizen of the Year” by GQ Magazine. Our company name and brand is meant to empower the world to change the culture and push forward through all ups and down.

Kaepernick said during his speech. “I say this as a person who receives credit for using my platform to protest systemic oppression, racial injustice and the dire consequences of anti-blackness in America,” Kaepernick said. “I accept this award not for myself, but on behalf of the people. Because if it were not for my love of the people, I would not have protested. And if it was not for the support from the people, I would not be on this stage today.”

We would like to congratulate and say thank you to Colin Kaepernick, The Muhammad Ali Legacy Award winner and GQ “Citizen of the Year”, for this movement to shed light on this important issue that we face as a community.